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Shanghai Grumman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Grumman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in March 1989 at No. 3332 Shengang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, with a registered capital of 196 million RMB. The company is one of the earliest enterprises in China to be officially designated for research, development, production, and sales of specialized vehicles, including firefighting vehicles. The company has established a comprehensive modern enterprise management system and organizational structure, including ...
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Departure Ceremony of 8 Pm60 Fire Trucks
Departure Ceremony of 8 Pm60 Fire Trucks   At noon on June 13, the sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear, and the early summer heat wave was coming. At this moment, Shanghai Grumman International Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Grumman Company") also showed a lively scene, with 8 PM60 fire-fighting equipment The cars were all covered with big red flowers and parked neatly on Central Avenue in the factory area. They were lined up and ready to be sent to the Hubei Fire Rescue Corps.   The PM60 fire truck is one of Grumman's product structure adjustments and product technology upgrades. It has functions and features such as intelligence and digitization. After years of continuous development and improvement, this product has obtained 5 technical patents and has been welcomed by customers in Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places, and has good market prospects.   Grumman has long been adhering to the vision of "century-old brand innovation to lead industry development, military-civilian integration to ensure social security", adhere to the development strategy of "technology-leading differentiation", and practice "making modern firefighting safer, more efficient, With the sacred mission of "More Intelligent", we insist on scientific and technological innovation to achieve unwavering technological leadership, use high and new technologies to transform traditional industries, and rely on technological progress to promote the company's development. Achieve technological leadership through scientific and technological innovation, lead the domestic fire protection industry, and continuously contribute to my country's national defense construction and fire protection undertakings.      
Departure Ceremony Of 31 Fire Trucks Of Shandong Fire Rescue Corps
On August 2, on Central Avenue in the factory area of Shanghai Grumman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Grumman Company"), after more than two months of hard work by various departments, 31 fire trucks were ready and ready to be sent to Shandong Provincial Fire Rescue Corps.     In recent years, Graman Company has actively and proactively responded to market changes based on industry development trends such as "provincial-level centralized bidding and procurement" of fire trucks and "diversification, diversification, and continued increase in demand for emergency rescue and combat support equipment" , focusing on the marketing strategy of "key markets, key products, and key technologies" to further expand the fire truck market and lay the foundation for the company to maintain sustained and healthy development. The 31 fire trucks sent to the Shandong Provincial Fire Rescue Corps are one of the results of Grumman's continuous expansion and cultivation of civilian product target markets and its effectiveness.     In September 2022, Glamand successfully won the bid and signed a contract for 31 units of the overall equipment improvement project in Shandong Province, including 15 imported chassis PM180 foam fire trucks with high product maturity and stable and reliable performance. The entire vehicle is easy to operate, reliable and automated. There are 7 high-level domestic chassis PM120 foam fire trucks, and 9 domestic chassis urban main fire trucks that can extinguish and handle Class A and B fires and have emergency rescue functions.